Weight Loss Dieting Is Bullshit

There is no diet that can lead to permanent weight loss. The only thing that can is a change in lifestyle — a permanent change. Depending on how overweight someone is, it may take months or even years to reach the desired weight. Nothing is going to change in a day or week. In fact, it may take up to 6 weeks for changes to start showing. But the good news is that you will be the first person to tell the difference, the bad news is that other people will take much longer to begin noticing any difference. The key to changing anything about the body is patience and persistence.  The changes it took to gain weight occurred over time on a cellular level, and so too will the changes necessary to lose that weight.

What About Gluten Free, Keto, & Paleo?

Fab diets requiring starvation or ones that don’t allow fat or carbs are doomed to fail. The body needs these nutrients and depriving the body of them is not always the best idea — especially without consulting a nutritionist first. Now am I saying that diets like Paleo or Ketogenic don’t work? No. Both of them can work great, especially if someone has diabetes, fatty liver disease, celiacs, or is insulin resistant.

However, these diets rely on massive discipline and transitional periods. By depriving the body of the nutrients necessary to adhere to Keto or Paleo, one must first allow the body to adjust to an alternative source of energy. Normally the human body relies on glucose gained from food containing sugar or carbohydrates. Without these the body enters a transitional phase while it transitions to burning fat rather than sugar for energy and during this time most people have trouble sleeping, thinking, exercising, digesting, or just feel tired.

After this period (provided the person doesn’t consume carbs) the body will re-acclimate and begin burning fat as energy. BUT if excess carbs or sugar are consumed at any point, burning fat as energy stops, the body switches back to the preferred energy consumption, and the cycle will begin anew.

If you think you can handle that kind of rigor and that it won’t make you peace out of your new lifestyle then by all means, go for it. But honestly, if you’re just starting out — I would not recommend anything extreme. Start small, build from there. Personally, I find them to be too demanding especially for people who are just beginning a new lifestyle.  

Make A List

Of all the reasons you have for wanting to lose weight. Make them honest and comprehensive — but not brutal or hurtful. Every time temptation comes knocking — and it will — look at that list and picture yourself exactly how you wish you looked (realistically it’s possible to lose about 52-105 lbs a year and have little to no flabby skin) and imagine yourself smiling. Take a second and let yourself feel that sense of happiness and accomplishment. 

Getting Started

A change in lifestyle that will result in sustainable and long term weight loss can be achieved by anyone using a three-pronged approach. Let’s get started: