Name: Justin

Weight Lost: 100 lbs

Time it Took: 6 months

How He Did It:

  • Aggressive calorie restriction after calculating TDEE
  • Walked 16,000 steps every day (7ish miles)
  • Exercised at the gym 3-5 times per week

Name: Margaret

Weight Lost: 115 lbs

Time: Unspecified

How She did it:

  • Swapped takeout for home cooked meals.
  • Became more active
  • Enjoyed treats but in moderation

Name: Fay

Weight Lost: 120 lbs

Time it Took: 1 year

How She Did It:

  • Making weekly calorie goals
  • Learning how to make recipes healthier by using lean meat and lower calorie oils
  • Making foods that she was excited to eat
  • Followed workout DVDs at home and incorporated more activity into her daily life
  • Later, took swimming and spinning classes

Advice: Avoid getting bogged down with how long the process will take. Time will pass anyway. You might as well just take it one day at a time and each day you’re a step closer to your goal.

Name: Laura

Weight Lost: 160 lbs

Time it Took: 3 years

How She Did It:

  • Stopped eating chocolate biscuits, pizza, fried chicken, and soda
  • Traded junk food for fruits, vegetables, and lean protein

Name: James

Weight Lost: 120 lbs

Time it Took: 6 months

How He Did It:

  • Downloaded LoseIt and tracked calories
  • Planned meals to avoid junk
  • Became more active
  • Went to the gym several times a week

Name: David

Starting weight: 400+

Weight Lost: 200+ lbs

Time it Took: 4 years

How he did it:

  • Hanging out with people who find fitness important
  • No more emotional eating
  • Regular exercise

Name: Tony

Weight Lost: 210 lbs

Time it Took: 2 years

How he did it:

  • Began eating fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit instead of roast dinners and McDonald’s
  • Took up walking, starting with a half mile and gradually increasing the distance

Name: Matt

Starting Weight: 440 lbs

Weight Lost and Time:

  • 30 pounds in 6 weeks
  • 200 more lbs after 2+ years

How He Did It:

  • Joined a weight-loss program called Slimming World
  • He began cooking more, packing his lunch, and walking places instead of driving
  • He never looked at the big picture because he thought it was more useful to focus on the small changes he could make each day.
  • He always found something on the calendar to look forward to like a wedding or birthday that he could prepare for

Name: Alasdair

Weight Lost: 100 lbs

Time: 10 months

How he did it:

  • Went to the gym 3 times a week
  • Walked uphill on a treadmill for an hour everyday
  • Changed eating habits
  • Set small goals. 15 lbs at first.

Name: Jenna

Weight Lost: 200 lbs

Time: 2 years

How She Did It:

  • cut out sugary drinks and swapped them for water.
  • Started eating salads and more vegetables
  • Started walking every day with her dog. Then she started doing things like jumping jacks and jumping rope even though these small exercises felt difficult at first.

Advice from her:

  • “It’s not easy. You are going to be sweaty and sore and you are going to have to keep fighting.” It took months for Winchester to develop the stamina to perform cardio for a half hour. She’d get winded easily so she’d stop. Then start again.
  • Don’t bother with easy fixes. She tried crash diets only to gain the weight back.
  • A piece of pizza is not the end of the world. She focuses on eating lean protein, vegetables, and fruit but also irregularly enjoys a burger or a piece of pizza.

Name: Anthony

Weight Lost: 210 lbs

Time: 1 year (beware sagging skin from rapid weight loss)

What he did:

  • Changed eating habits to eliminate junk and follow Paleo
  • Started walking 30 min everyday
  • Started doing strength training 3 days per week and running 3 days a week
  • Tracked calories with a fitness app

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The Most Common Denominators:

  • Stop eating junk food (push away the plate)
  • Watch what you eat (Track calories)
  • Make small goals, then more small goals
  • Start with small exercise and build on it over time (Exercise with Intensity and Progressive Overload)
  • Be patient. Results take time (It’s a lifestyle not a diet)